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2019 ITTF Handbook

WADA World anti-doping code

League Regulations (RUS)

Regulations for sports competitions of table tennis


Rules of the game and running the competitions (RUS)

  • Calendar plan 2023


    A match is played up to 5 wins in games. No more than 9 games can be played within one match. The game is played according to the rules in accordance with the Rules of the game and the conduct of competitions approved by «"National professional sports league of table tennis" Limited Liability Соmрапу (decision of l 0.12.2019 No. 2), as well as taking into account the Rules of the sport of Table Tennis, approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).


    The Table Tennis League is attended by athletes who are divided into three teams-groups (group A, group B and group C), depending on the level of their professional training (rating).

    Regular Tournaments lasting eight hours are held between the athletes within each group in accordance with the schedule.

    Within the framework of the Tournament, personal meetings are held. One athlete holds 2 meetings with each of the athletes in his group.

    The winner of the Tournament is the athlete with the most points after all the scheduled meetings.

    For the 1st place in the Tournament, the athlete receives 3 League rating points.

    For the 2nd place in the Tournament, the athlete receives 1 League rating point.

    The winner of the League stage is the athlete with the most rating points.

    In case of equal points for two or more athletes in an individual competition, the athlete gains advantage according to the following sequentially applied conditions:

    • by the best difference between won and lost meetings;
    • by the number of games won;
    • by lot


    The judging committee consists of three equal judges. Each meeting is judged by at least two referees: one referee is in person directly at the meeting, the second monitors the progress of the game remotely, being in the technical room.

    The results of the meetings are recorded in the protocol, which is approved by the referee committee. The protocol can be drawn up and stored in electronic form.